Russian Troops in Ukraine

The video below is the complete opposite of what is happening in Crimea and the reason for Russian troops over there. A typical US propaganda:

First of all Russian troops in Sevastopol and Crimea have always been stationed there, since there always has been a Russian Naval base there. According to the agreement with Ukraine Russia can have up to 25,000 troops stationed in their base in Sevastopol at all times. There is no Russian invasion of Ukraine of any kind. But there is some military showoff at the city of Sevastopol and over most of the regions in Crimea. Most of the base in is Sevastopol but they have hundreds of mall military objects throughout most of the peninsula. At this point the military is on high alert, since they have to guard them a way more. If last month it was enough to have unarmed guards or a small number of armed guards, today it is not enough anymore, thus they had to increase the security and patrols of these objects for example sending armed vehicles. Main reason why Russia is doing it is because they understand they need to guard the immensely huge military stockpile that is left over from the cold war at the local military objects, and that includes decrepit Ukrainian military bases as well. There are constant rumors from everywhere that the mercenaries of the new government will come to Crimea and steal weapons from the bases or attack the city, thus the mobilization. Right now there is a very strong information war and support in the Western Media outlets such as CNN and Fox News for the criminal impostors in the Ukrainian government that seized the power and brought the country to the extreme state it is in right now. They are using all means possible including misinformation for the mobilization of the troops in Crimea.
Most of Eastern and Southern Ukraine is populated by Russian speakers or ethnic Russians altogether. After the political coup that happened during the revolution in Kiev last month that was sponsored by the US and EU – the illegitimate, criminal, nationalist group seized the power and ousted the president. They claimed the president was corrupt to the core and had to be removed. While this is somewhat true all of the members of this “opposition” gang are just as much corrupt but on a top of that they are also radical extremists. The Ukrainian president escaped to Russia and asked Russia for help. All of the Russian speaking East and South of Ukraine has been bullied by the new pro Nazi regime that seized the power. People in these regions are supporting the mobilization of Russian troops and are hoping they will stop the extremists and help regulate the political tensions that were created by the “opposition”. Crimean peninsula stopped taking orders from Kiev announcing the new self-proclaimed government impostors. Most of the Ukrainian military personnel in Crimea also stopped listening to Kiev and swore its allegiance to the autonomous government of Crimea. Odessa and many other Russian speaking cities are uniting against the gang that proclaimed themselves a new government because of the oppression that was implemented immediately after the coup. One such oppression was bullying Russian speaking population which by the way is half of Ukraine. Many people in Crimea already said they have been waiting for this day for 22 years, since the USSR collapsed. Now that there is a mobilization against the new government they can gain more autonomy and make Russian a second official language in the country, or even form their own government but most likely it won’t come to this. So in some weird way this criminal coup that took place may help the south and east in regaining the language and going forward with their demands. If the coup in Kiev did not happen people would not mobilize for their rights. Just less than 2 years ago Ukraine was hosting a European Cup and nobody could have thought it could turn into something as extreme as what it is right now.


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