Ideology of Ukraine Today

EU wants to invade Ukraine

We need a revolution in Kiev, they are waiting for us in EU!

You may wanna read this first it further expands on understanding ideology of western Ukraine. Russia has more control over Crimea than Ukraine, since most of the population in Crimea are ethnic Russians and they are more loyal to Russia. In fact just today most of the Crimean Parliament voted in favor of reuniting with Russia, so now it is up to the people in Crimea to decide if they want to reunite with Russia or expend their rights in autonomy; the referendum is on March 16. There is no other option on the table any more – nobody is thinking of returning the things exactly as they were prior to the violent coup in Kiev; now people want at least more autonomy from Kiev. Other regions of the south and east also demanding a referendum as well. Ukrainian mainstream media is very radical and keeps reporting anti-Russian propaganda and provokes people to volunteer to join the army and go to war against Russia. Many Ukrainians from the central and western regions actually believe they are being invaded. The amount of the propaganda reported on Ukrainian TV is even greater than that of the US mainstream media that was mentioned in the previous post on why there are Russian troops in Ukraine. In a case of the USA it is somewhat understandable, since the Cold War never quite ended, it was just in a more soft dormant state for as long as Russia was agreeing with all of the demands of the US. Not to mention the expansion of NATO that invaded several of the former USSR states such as Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Kyrgyzstan. Also all of the countries of the Warsaw pact have been occupied by NATO as well. Russia is encircled by NATO, and now there talks of expanding NATO to Ukraine which would be identical of putting Russian or Chinese military bases in Canada and Mexico. If Russia conceited defeat in the Cold War and shrank its military by 10 times then US military expanded by 10 times but under which excuse? A War on Terror? Do they need thousands of tanks and missiles all over Europe to fight against the savages in sandals in Afghanistan? The obvious answer is NO, unless the War on Terror is just a covert name for the continuation of the Cold War. The Cold War changed its tactics, nowadays it is mainly a covert soft info war that has been instilling the idea of peace, democracy, and human rights that US wants to implement in former Soviet republics. The US spent billions on “democratic” programs in Ukraine and many other republics. The programs that pretend to be democratic are aimed at destroying cultural heritage and changing mentality of people in the new “independent” Soviet states though info war aimed at creating a new pro-western and anti-Russian ideology in all former USSR states, and specifically attempting it in Ukraine. In the case of Latvia and Baltic states it was very easy because they never were very Russian. However when it comes to Ukraine – probably most people overseas don’t differentiate between Ukraine and Russia. And these talks of war between these 2 countries seem just as absurd as a war between US and Canada. For over 22 years Ukraine does not have real national mainstream media, since the media and the government are under a foreign control as a result of a defeat in the Cold War. After 22 years of propaganda on TV, Radio, and lately on the internet this propaganda comes to fruition, since the ethnic tensions inside Ukraine have never been this evident. Hitler used to say: “When Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus start to believe they are different people they will lose the war”. He could not accomplish this through military invasion, but the US managed to do it trough the mainstream media in just 22 years of the colonization of Ukraine and USSR. In this info war all possible means have been used including pouring a fuel in a fire by supporting the neo Nazi movements in Western part of the country that always had a radical ideology, or trough a forced ukranization that is taking place in Russian speaking regions since 1993 to present day. Just 22-23 years ago nobody thought that people of one nation could be manipulated and be on a brink of civil war inside Ukraine, or against Russia – which is also a civil war, since there is no difference between Russia and Ukraine. Not only that, but people did not even think they could be divided and form 3 separate governments with the same people – Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. At least Belarus preserved its cultural values unlike Ukraine. The whole ideology in Ukraine at this point is based on anti-Russian propaganda in the news. These people who speak Ukrainian and even many of these who speak Russian, but identify themselves as Ukrainians, for some reasons believe Russia wants to invade them which is nonsense – it’s like cheating on your wife with your wife. Because of the propaganda of the western world they believe it and not only this, but also that the European Union wants to help them economically and that NATO wants to save them from angry Russia. In other words there is a quite a big group of people in the western Ukraine that is ready to unite with anybody even extremists in the middle east or the Satan himself as long as it is not Russia. Unbelievable but today many of them want to identify themselves as different people and have a feud towards the east and south of the country, if they still speak the same language or at least these who speak Ukrainian understand Russian and vice versa; and not to mention most of their existence, especially in the recent history Russia, Ukraine and Belarus used to be all united in one country, and the whole Russian civilization started in the city of Kiev, Ukraine over 1130 years ago. More about Anthropological similarities and sociological differences between Ukraine’s east and west will be described in the next article. Today many in Ukraine refuse to see all of the problems EU has – very high unemployment; destruction of traditional values through gay marriage and other abnormal sexual agenda; destruction of culture through multiculturalism and refugees from all over the world, etc. The ideal example of info war that Ukrainian media was using under the guidance of the foreign puppet masters is when they called the actions of the armed invasion army in Kiev – a peaceful protest of the opposition. Peaceful protest that destroyed the downtown in Kiev and set several policeman on fire.


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