Trojan Horse in Ukraine

This article will help you understand the previous post about Ukrainian ideology. As you can see on the image below – Ukraine is quite an artificial country, since about 90 percent of its land was given to it by Russia at some point in time, last time was in 1954 when the Crimean Peninsula was transferred to Ukraine. This is one of the reasons why the Crimean peninsula has the highest number of ethnic Russians who don’t speak Ukrainian. The other reason is because Stalin was encouraging Russians to move to Crimea after he evicted most of Crimean Tartars that lived there.
The West of Ukraine (green area) was a gift from Stalin just before and after the WW2. Western Ukraine technically never was a part of the Russian empire, since it was invaded by Poland, Lithuania, and Austro-Hungarian empire. After being enslaved and dominated for hundreds of years by different empires their mentality changed and apparently the hatred grew to immense proportions. When Stalin decided to liberate them, thinking they should be reunited with the rest of the country he never realized how many radical individuals lived there. When the Soviet Union was strong he took away western Ukraine from Poland. He brought a Trojan Horse inside Ukraine and the Soviet Union. When the WW2 started the western regions that were already reunited started fighting against the USSR on the side of Nazis. Here is the image of people in the western Ukraine greeting Nazis with flowers:
Western Ukrainians greet Nazis with flowers
Today this neo Nazi ideology is quite evident and wants to impose itself on the rest of Ukraine. The ideology of Ukraine today is the main factor that divides Ukraine as a country and not the language differences. The neo Nazis believe they need to free Ukraine of these who speak Russian and free some of the territories that belong to Poland and Russia because they believe they should be theirs for some reasons. The leader of the “Ultra Right Sector”, Dmitri Yarosh, and his sidekick Oleh Tyahnybok – the leader of a political ultra-nationalist party “Svoboda” (Svoboda which means freedom) made such statements openly, especially Mr Yarosh. His so called Ultra Right Sector is just a name for the invasion army that participated among with the foreign mercenaries in the violent revolution in Kiev, that altogether was sponsored by the US and EU. And these people have been getting a tremendous propaganda support from mainstream media as well. Greatest majority of western Ukraine are not nationalists, but they are brainwashed and believe in a Russian invasion, and that NATO wants to save them. They refuse to see the actions of NATO in Yugoslavia, and a bunch of other countries.
Here are some of the neo Nazis that represent Ukraine’s government at this point:

These who are nationalists inherited the ideology of Stepan Bandera (died in 1959) – the leader of Ukrainian Nazis that sided with German Nazis in the WW2 against the USSR and everybody else. There are a few thousand of his followers still in Ukraine, the people from Ultra Right Sector and the political party “Svoboda” already mentioned above. The followers believe he was fighting for their freedom, this is why they called the political party “Svoboda” (means freedom). They however prefer not to think how many people were slaughtered by the command of the man they all admire. The fact is that these people prefer to forget their history altogether, since they don’t want to remember the long periods of being looted and dominated by other regional countries in the past, so they prefer to think of themselves as if they are now dominant to everyone else (just like Germans did); and want to get rid of a common history they have with Russians. Recently they started destroying monuments of Lenin.
Here is an old man crying over a destroyed Lenin monument:

While Lenin is not a very positive character in history, it is not the reason why they destroy his monuments. The reason is simple – they don’t want to admit that the somewhat artificial country where they all live was in a very great part created by Lenin, and other rulers of the USSR and Russian empire. Take a look at the first image of this article at the top. Their raped history of domination by Poland and others, as well as reunion with the rest of Ukraine, which would have never happened without the help of Stalin caused them to create their own fake ideology of Nazism. Here is a video of their annual commemoration of their leader Stepan Bandera:

Here is a video of neo Nazis in Western Ukraine attacking War Veterans on a victory day:

Even the second president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma participated in adding to this fake western Ukrainian ideology by releasing a book under his name titled: “Ukraine is not Russia”, which has a clear anti-Russian political agenda; you don’t have to read the book just read the title. In his book he underlined several good honest points such as the contrast between the east and west of Ukraine as well as the feud of Orthodox and Uniat church (Uniat or Uniate is a term used for the Eastern Catholic churches which were previously Eastern Orthodox churches), however a lot of it was a propaganda aimed at creating a fake ideology. It is not likely that he spent so much time writing a 513 page book; he probably had better things to do in his leisure time. The book was most likely written by someone else who received western grants.
Speaking of this Western Ukrainian Uniat Church it is one of the most effective instruments in the hands of neo Nazis for recruiting and brainwashing people – it actively participated in the revolution in Kiev; many of these radicals with this fake ideology fallowed the priests of the Uniat church that was giving them a blessing and encouraging them to fight for “freedom” and in fact these priests came to Kiev along with the extremists. Here is a priest of Uniat church behind the radicals who are giving a hate speech:
Uniat Nazi Priest - Ukraine

Watch this video, it s astonishing. The neo Nazis that won the revolution in Kiev are now marching on the Streets, and there are Priests of their Uniat Church among them.

As you can see the reality is very extreme and ugly. These are only some of the main forces behind the Ukrainian radical revolution, neo Nazi movements and their artificial neo Nazi ideology. The main one of them is of course the foreign sponsorship from US and EU to destabilize the country and get closer to Russia.
Here is the last video you should watch. It proves that the police did not use deadly force against the radicals and Nazis. Police at the end used only rubber bullets. One Hundred of Nazis and just radical protesters that were shot during the unrest in Kiev were killed by the Snipers that their own leaders hired – to blame it all on the police, in order to create even more unrest. The same thing that happened in Moscow in 1993 during the constitutional reform when the foreign snipers opened fire at people who were protesting to blame it on government.

They were shooting both at police and the radical protesters, so there are casualties on both sides. But the Ukrainian press only talks of the dead protesters, and blames police. Later the whole police in western and central parts of the country was disbanded under this pretense and titled as criminals. Police over there was bullied and titled as criminals, and currently neo Nazis have even more power on the streets. It will probably return back to normal in the near future…
At the same time police in the east and south still have their jobs and were honored by the regional powers. And people in the west wonder why the south and east of the country now will have referendums about separating from the western and central Ukraine…


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