Russophobic Olympic Games

Everyone probably noticed the hysteria that the US main stream media created about Olympic Games in Sochi. They were reporting on all kinds of security threats whether it is the homophobia or xenophobia, or security threats from the Muslim black widows, or just something as made up as wolfs, bears, and dangerous stray dogs at the resort. The reports on the Olympics were just as much biased and politicized as the recent reports on the Russian troops in Ukraine. Literally everything was done to paint Russia as an insecure, hostile xenophobic country that prosecutes everyone whom it may see as devious in some way whether it’s gays, journalists, political opponents, or just foreign visitors. The video below is the American propaganda at its finest – it shows how a phrase can be taken completely out of the context.

If the video above does not play, watch it here
There is another video produced by Comedy Central, this time it was a different host, Jimmy Kimmel. The video has a very obvious political agenda behind it. They say it was just intended to be a prank, but it is a way more than that – it was intended to discredit Russia, as the host country of the Olympic Games. Just before uploading this video online and twitting about it from the Kate Hansen (a US athlete) twitter account there were reports in the US news on an alleged dangerous stray dogs problem in Sochi. It was obvious that the stray dogs report in the news was intended to make this “Wolf at the Olympics” video more believable. The video with the wolf at the Olympics became viral online, and apparently whole bunch of people believed it.

Everyone also must have seen the criticism on the unfinished hotel amenities. Such as toilets at the Sochi resort. Everyone also probably knows that the hotels were just built and the toilet stalls are the last thing to be installed. These who took the pictures also arrived a few days before the Olympic Games Opened.


Sochi Stray Dogs

Stray Dog at Sochi Resort


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