Russophobic western media

Here are some of the snapshots from the Economist magazine. As seen on the picture and the snapshot of the article it is very clear it’s very anti-Putin and even every plus in his politics is turned into a minus in the article. The article says that the western countries expected Mr. Putin to have a more pro-western course, but it turned out he prefers to have his own independent course and wants to build his own empire. Not being a western puppet is seen as a positive thing by most people throughout the world, but not the western politicians. One may wonder how much more pro-western liberal course the west could expect from Putin when he became a president 14 years ago, if the previous president of Russia – Mr. Yeltsin seemed like the absolute liberal pro-western politician who was doing everything he was asked by the USA.

Anti-Putin picture in the Economist

Anti-Putin propaganda caricature from the Economist article

Anti-Putin Article snapshot from the Economist

Read the anti Putin Article

Even the very first line hits hard with a russophobic propaganda; it reads: “The ways the west could make a life more difficult for a hostile Russia.” And then it goes on saying how the Russia refuses to move in the pro-western direction. Click on the thumbnail to read the whole article. It is obvious as long as the Russia exists in its present size the western politicians will never leave it alone.

Below are the other two cover images from this cheap propagandist magazine “The economist”. This time it apparently gives us a hint that the inferno and the violent coup in Kiev is sneak peak of what US is planing on doing in Moscow, hence the name “Putin’s Inferno”. Even Henry Kissinger in his interview said that Putin believes what we did in Kiev we want to do in Moscow; in other words admitting that USA was behind the coup in Kiev. Next to it is another controversial cover page basically claiming it was Kremlin behind all of the mishaps in Ukraine and its recent violent coup that looked like a war zone in downtown Kiev.

Putin's Inferno image of cover page of the magazine

Another provocative propaganda cover page of the Economist magazine

Another cover page from of the Economist suggesting it was Kremlin behind the revolution in Ukraine

Thee were periods of time in the history of the American propaganda machine when it was used against Germany to defend Russia by the end of WW2 when it was convenient.First they were putting all the bets on Germany and helped Hitler to gain power, and then were sponsoring the Nazi Germany with weapons, but when they realized the Germany was likely to lose the war they immediately switched sides and started a war against Germany. At which point this propaganda film came out called “Why we fight” which was painting Russia as the rightful heroic empire and painted Germans and its allies as barbaric aggressors who wanted to invade Soviet Union and steal all of its resources. Just when it was convenient for them to switch sides they did and when it comes to their propaganda they completely switched it as well.

When Russia was very weak in 1991 The Economist released an issue with this cover page demonstrating the weakness of Russia and the US dominance over it.

Cover page of The Economist from 1991

Cover page of The Economist from 1991

USA russophobic propaganda from the Cold War

During the Cold War a very different image was released

At this point however the western media and most of the politicians prefer to turn a blind eye to the situation in Ukraine and only see what is convenient for them. Even if it is neo-Nazism it is fine as long as they can enslave Ukraine and create chaos next to the Russian border. American Media does not want to report on neo-Nazism in Ukraine after the revolution in Kiev

The scope of this cynical propaganda is unbelievable and as we can see there is absolutely nothing changed in the propaganda of the past and that of today. If anything it only got better as the quality of the graphics improved along with the technology. A very similar russophobic propaganda was used at the Olympic games in Russia this year, as well as the biased reports on the Russian troops in Ukraine. The same kinds of propaganda as in this article and other articles on this website have been used for 23 years in Ukraine to raise a young generation that doesn’t know its own history and that already has a pro-western, anti-Russian ideology, and we have to say for some part they succeeded… In the case of Ukraine, the propaganda is used on all levels to distance it from Russia mainly it is in history books that were written on the  American grants, and Ukrainian mainstream media that is also owned by the US. There is a couple articles on this website about Ukrainian ideology today already, and the next article will elaborate more on it as well as show some examples of how the propaganda is used to turn Russians/Ukrainians in Ukraine against Russia, such as the famous “Holodomor” biased propaganda.

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